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That tattered page. She ponders the question dubious of its reason. That stupid ripped piece of calendar. Those dates why, why is every Saturday and Wednesday circled in red? She stumbles off the Light Train and into the winter chilled darkness. Her feet dragged her to somewhere, somewhere she needed to go. This is important and she knows it but what is so important? It's on the tip of her tongue and yet she can not recall it, any of it. She plunges her hand into her left pocket and stares at the other tattered piece of parchment, trying to decipher its code. It states only two words "Tokyo" and "Zephyr". She knows the names but can't place any sort of memory with them.

She walks under the moons gentle light. There is no where for her to go, she's a stranger in her own world. She stops mid-stride, a memory. She knows this is her world triumphantly she shoves the paper back into her left pocket and pats it gently to make sure it stays. Tree's and silence accompanied her through the dim moons light until it began to shine brighter. Sounds. Sounds were getting louder. Smells, things that invoked memories, no, ideas? She shook her head and focused on the sounds again. Something screeched and she jumped. "Watch it!" Something yells, someone. A man, yes, a man. She remembers the little things. "1,2,3." she whispers into the night. "A,B,C." She nods slowly. "Man. Woman. Tokyo."

She ran forward, towards the sounds and smells. The voices grew louder and she focused on more things, horns honking, music blaring. Why are they happy? She wondered. Why are they happy when in the pit of her stomach she knew, she knew something was coming, but whether it was bad or good, she couldn't recall. She remembered her mission save something or someone. Lost in thought she skidded to a halt in the middle of a bustling sidewalk, people shoved past her left and right. Rainbows showered down onto her, light from the billboards. She turned in slow circles. "Where am I?" she asked herself.

"Tokyo." Someone replied. Eyes wide she ripped the paper from her pocket and saw the chicken scratched word. Tokyo. Whatever she needed to do, whatever was so important about this place she was here, she was were her journey was about to take off. A gust if wind snatched the paper from her hand and blew it over the crowds. "No!" She screamed and ran, following the crumbled snowflake as it was carried on the wind. She tumbled and stumbled and hobbled and jumped through the flowing crowds of people, her hand outstretched towards the flying parchment. She couldn't lose that, if those words were important to the days marked on the calendar, she couldn't let any harm come to the paper, she couldn't let anyone else get their hands on it. In eight days she had to find out everything about who she was,where she was and what she has been chosen to do. The paper settled and she launched herself at it. A dark black boot crushed the paper under its sole. "Wow. You're back and In time! Just like you said!" An almost familiar voice sounded genuinely surprised to see her. Eyes brows slowly meeting in the middle she looked up at a man she's never seen before or at least, thought she's never seen before. She shook her head, long curly hair bouncing around her face. "I know you?" She asked confused leaning in to admire him further.
"Yes, of course, it's me, 'Z'." he replied blushing from their close proximity.

"Are you....Zephyr?"


Laney Hughes
I Do What ever comes naturally even if its not that well made/drawn

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